Headway Leeds: A Charity of Love

Headway Leeds, a beacon of hope.

For those who struggle to cope,

With physical challenges and strife

Giving them a chance at a better life

after sustaining brain injury.

Through mingling, social events indoors,

The trips opened the world’s doors.

People from all walks of life

Gather to fight chronic strife

after sustaining brain injury.

With newfound purpose and direction,

They find their soul’s true reflection.

Breaking barriers of isolation,

Uniting in a shared elation

after sustaining brain injury.

Headway Charities are heartbeats of love,

Offering a helping hand, a velvet glove.

Inspiring the will to live and thrive,

Fostering hope so we can survive

after sustaining brain injury.

We stand in awe of your work

O Headway Leeds, you never shirk,

Your duties to those with needs and meek.

Thank you for the joy you seek,

after sustaining brain injury

Brain Damage

I have been through the struggle, constant hustle

Life been rough & tough, I’m feeling feeble

Brain damaged it’s hard to focus, no locus

My mind is a mess I can’t remember anything

Life is a battle rattled, I can’t remember anything

I’m fighting like lightning through the rain & pain

People stare & judge thinking I can’t handle it

But I’m the one who is still living, I’m the one who is still standing

I won’t let struggle define me

More than just a disability I’m

Keep grinding keep climbing & keep shining i will

Keep fighting me keep trying keep winning I will

I won’t let anything hold me down

Ain’t nothing can stop me from wearing the crown like King Charles