Slipping Crutches and a peeling crotch

Skin peeling

Growing old as a disabled person

Contemplating about growing old as a disabled person is one of the hardest things ever. How long will i be able to live independently, I will never know. Living independently as a disabled person is exciting at the same time it’s subject to various accidents. I have slipped and fell on several occasions around my house, particularly in the shower.


I remember when I used to lie all day in my hospital bed except for seating up to have some food or to be wheeled to the Physio therapy room. During Physio session that’s when I would briefly be up on my feet trying to use various walking aids to find a suitable one for me. The zimmer frame is the one I tried first, lifting the frame each time I take a step was problematic because I hardly had the strength for that. I then tried the one with the wheels on the front legs however the frame was susceptible to rapid sudden movements. This is when my physiotherapist decided that the one without wheels was the safest and steadiest. However, I loathed it, I had only seen it being used by very old and frail folk. In the hospital ward for people who sustained brain injury, my bed was next to an old chap called Peter. He used to stay with a zimmer frame by his bed side, ironically he used walk fast with it, his limbs didn’t seem badly affected by the brain injury I thought at the time.

Conceive, believe and achieve

Recently I slipped in the shower and it was before I rinsed off the form from Head and Shoulders shampoo. To get off from the floor was a monumental task which took a lot out of me. When ever I want to achieve something, I conceive first and believe. That said what ever you conceive, believe you can achieve. This principle also works in everyday life if it’s completely an impossible task it will also be inconceivable.

As soon as I managed to be up on my feet. I didn’t wanna spend another minute let alone a sec in the bathroom. That said rinsing off the shampoo was far from my mind. Albeit most of the form had dried up. As a result I decided to wipe my face with a wet wipe. Afterwards I proceeded to put on fresh clothes without any worry or discomfort. I even went to town and came back feeling like everything was all good in general. The only worry that I had is that my face was feeling a bit tight like I had been given a facelift. It’s nothing to worry about, I thought. I had not used any moisturiser and i thought that was the reason my face was feeling like that.

The morning after the fall

The following morning I woke up feeling good and well rested. Straightaway I went the bathroom to take a shower. First I brushed my teeth then had a glance in the mirror. Horrifying the skin on my face was peeling of particularly around my beard. After taking off my boxer short i I realised that my crotch was even in a worse state. I was just grateful that I managed to rise up after my fall, if the skin peeling didn’t stop I was gonna be yet another MJ and was going to flog the concept to those losers who loath their dark skin.