It’s better to have a great imagination than to be highly schooled

This kind of creativity should be fostered in primary schools as well as creative writing

Great imagination is better than to be highly Schooled. However the general consensus is that the highly schooled are better therefore assume the higher places of influence in this world. Meanwhile the world was built by great imaginations and continues to evolve for the better due in part to inventors and great engineers alike not the highly schooled people.
By and large many think that to be regarded as educated involves going to school to receive formal education, including attending institutions of further education to receive the highest degrees of learning even a PhD. This process is called schooling and those who achieve the highest degrees are well schooled. To be well schooled it’s a matter of having a good brain capable of memorising data.

Meanwhile the definition of education includes those who have acquired a certain amount of experience and having or showing cultivation. Therefore to be well educated doesn’t only mean a person who has gone under a rigorous process of schooling. A perfect example of someone who is well educated but never went to school is that of Jacob Zuma- the fourth President of South Africa. Despite having no formal education he became, to some extent, a successful president. History is full of such men who accomplished remarkable things despite having been schooled for instance Harrison Ford and many other college dropouts like Kanye West who built billion dollar empires.