Who is the biggest winner & loser of the America Elections?

Now let’s see the biggest winner and biggest loser after the historic American elections. In my opinion the biggest winner is Kamila Harris and the biggest loser is Boris and The U.K. at large. Kamala is enroute to become not only the first female president of the USA but also the second black president. She is likely to take over from Biden if he retires or win the elections in 2032.The President Elect and Kamala have nothing against the UK but they will never forget Boris’ outrageous comments made about Barrack after he took out a sculpture of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office. They were deplorable, he remarked that Obama’s actions was a “symbol of the part-Kenyan president’s ancestral dislike of the British empire”.

Biden’s will seek first to work with Europe & NATO as well as rejoining the Paris accord. That said Britain will be at the end of the line and there is now seldom chances of securing a free Trade Deal with their biggest ally. The Bien-Harris presidency is more likely to be two terms hence two terms of tense relationship with the UK. Unless there is a change of government in the UK. If people had voted for Joe Swinson things would have been different but she was humiliated by losing the elections as well as her parliamentary seat. Joe wanted to cancel Brexit. It’s now water under the bridge and meanwhile I hope Boris and Biden can work together collaboratively since they both believe in Nato and the Climate Accord.