Head First, Thrills on Wheels (Wheelchair Globetrotting & Dealing with the Consequences, key to happiness)

Synopsis: When I was in high school the source of my happiness was solving complex mathematical and scientific equations alike. Likewise throughout my further education studies I found much delight in getting higher marks on academic assignments. Some people might think I am a geek or that I was a geek but if they see me they would think otherwise. However it could be argued that solving problems is key to our social well-being. After my accident I didn’t want to seat at home, I wanted to keep busy solving problems which gets my adrenaline pumping. All too often, with the exception of a few (like the late Stephen Hawkins), disabled people are viewed as incompetent. With that in mind I wanted to live out side my bubble, to once again experience constant challenges and problem solving. Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, I remain positive and smile for God is with me. Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints said “Come what may, and love it”. Therefore I find challenges and finding solutions fun.

To facilitate my travels I bought myself a scooter that I could take on the plane so that I would be able to go abroad. Before embarking on my travels I would have liked to know if the accessibility was all rosy for disabled people but some information was very difficult to find and occasionally I expected the unexpected. However, if my mind was always preoccupied by the forethought regarding the accessibility of the places I wanted to visit, I would have never gone anywhere. Hence headfirst experience allowed me to find out for myself. Better yet our brains craves for the unknown, it’s what keeps us alive. In general the issue of accessibility often gets overlooked by people. Unless they are affected, or someone close to them is affected by some kind of disability, otherwise they don’t think about it as much. Therefore I hope my experience will inform many; International Urban Planning or Town Councils; and other Practitioners alike about the importance of creating inclusive environments. Also I seek to encourage disabled people to travel independently and explore the world however within a reasonable scope of risks.

In the process of publishing the book and will be available for sell in due course