Right now Zimbabwe and many African countries alike have the resources let alone Gold to make everyone a millionaire. However if everyone is a millionaire there will be no lack hence no economy in the nation which is equally as bad as poverty in a country. I know this is messing with your head right now. The word Economy is derived from the Greek word oikonomia which refers to the management of house needs-to make sure that nothing is lacking. If all the people in a nation become rich there would have no need to work hard to earn a living. For instance in Dubai and other Arabic countries alike, by and large all the Arabs citizens are rich or comfortable hence they depend so much on foreign labour from poor nations. Without that they would be in serious trouble. Now I hope you get were I’m coming from. In conclusion for the development of a thriving economy there has to be a certain degree of lacking in a Nation. Difference is what makes a nation. Get it?

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