Snow Birthday

Skid marks after twisting & turning in the snow

It looks pretty but treacherous it can cause accidents or worse. Never over look it’s potential dangers particularly the drivers.
This afternoon I went into my garage and decided to open the garage door to let in the fresh air from the snow. Alas without a careful consideration I moved over to the garage entrance to get a clear view of the snow in my front yard. After taking a glance a puzzled over how to get back into the house. When my car is carefully parked slightly over to the right side it leaves a narrow path on the left hand side just big enough to fit in my wheelchair. Having said that there was no room for me to turn around without moving over the treacherous snow. Another option was to reverse all the way into the house which seemed more problematic because of a pressure washer behind and in my way however easy to go past when moving forwards.

Therefore I eventually decided to turnaround going over over the snow. That proved to be the worst decision bcz my wheels immediately got stuck in the snow yet I was only wearing my boxer shots. On the main road there was a car parked with the lights showing that there was a person in it later on I noticed it was a lady I don’t know what she was waiting for. Twenty minutes elapsed while she was parked there and turned around and went. She must have noticed that something was wrong because to her I appeared naked yet outside in the snow. Even if she wanted to help that would have been awkward for her worse more people can’t just help strangers these days because of the COVID. Another woman also went by “excuse me” I shouted at her, she turned her head to have a quick look and she kept going past.

I couldn’t call my neighbours because it would been very cruel to get them to help me in the freezing temperatures. I don’t think they like the cold weather that much given that they will be wearing layers in the summer time while gardening. With that in mind I was alone and I had to do something before I begin to freeze. First I tried to straighten my front wheels manually to no avail then I started wriggling my way out of the snow by constantly moving back and forth so as to create some kind of movement hoping for my chair to eventually find a way to turn around and to my immense relief my chair managed to make it in the garage better yet facing the right away. What a birthday spent almost 30 minutes in the snow in my birthday suit.

Be very careful in the snow particularly the physically challenged.

One thought on “Snow Birthday

  1. I am happy you made it in the end, but next time don’t take the adventure in the snow alone kkkk
    It’s an interesting story Mr Max

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