The Phenomenon of Stressful Events: Sex Ratio

⁃ Since I started to use my crutches and to exercise more, like a seismograph which detects earthquakes, I think my body can detect stressful events happening around the world. I endure incessant muscle aches similar to those short-lived ones felt by many after an occasional work out. Also when I’m standing up I feel a sharp pain like someone is sticking a needle in my left lumber region. If the experiences were consistent with the Covid-19 symptoms I be preparing to meet my maker. Every breath I took felt like it’s my last, believe me I have been there before and I don’t wanna visit him any time soon. Unfortunately you, me and everyone else will eventually pay him a visit.

⁃ Since December 2019 my body was troubled and I couldn’t exercise as normal. Coincidentally that’s when the Covid-19 outbreak was reported in Wuhan, China.

⁃ Now I’m feeling a bit better and refreshingly I was able to do some exercises including walking. However I wouldn’t say I’m now 100% I still got the lingering pain in my muscles. Worryingly Covid-19 patience are said to ephemerally get better before experiencing the worst. Also I ask myself that, if I get better does it mean the world will be healed? I always been a fit lad, everyday waking up at 5 and exercising till 7 but I’m currently enduring unprecedented and unrelenting body aches.

⁃ No empirical study has substantiated my claims therefore it’s simply anecdotal. Also neither am I trying to sound prophetic nor am I a sorcerer. However it should be noted that other studies have shown a positive correlation between stressful events and life phenomenon like gender ratio at birth. Gender ratio is the ratio between the number of males and females in a society. Also known as the sex ratio.

⁃ The relationship between stressful events and the sex ratio of babies might seem implausible, but the pattern is actually well established. Terrorist incidents such as 9/11 and the 2005 London bombings saw a similar shift in the gender balance, which skewed towards girls over boys for a few months afterwards.

⁃ As a consequence Retnakaran wondered if the American elections would have the same sort of effect on the sex ratio.” Retnakaran and his colleague Chang Ye patiently waited for babies to be born so they’d have data to analyse. They looked at all births in Ontario before Trump’s election (April 2010 to October 2016); just afterwards (November 2016 to February 2017); and later on (March 2017 to October 2017). They noted a significant number of girls birthed in comparison to boys

⁃ “Before Trump’s election, for every girl born in liberal-leaning regions of Ontario, 1.0605 boys were born, but between March 2017 and July 2017 this figure dropped to 1.0217 boys per girl”.

⁃ If this is true the world shall witness a surge of girls birthed 9-12 months from now. A baby boom of Corona Girls to officially announce the domination of the Metrical Empire. Since 1960 women have enjoyed a gradual ascendency to the top. The more democratic world has seen an unprecedented number of females leading their nations. For that I foresee 2050 with more women occupying more influential positions than man. Women’s dominance will be as significant as the dominance of men was in the Industrial Era, many women will become leaders in various areas including religion. Prophetesses will be the order of the day. Around 2070 the most powerful person in the world shall be a woman. However men will remain vital for the sustenance of the human race and certain blue collar industries.

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