Success and Causes of failure

Think and become who you set out to be

⁃ Success comes to those people who allow themselves to become success conscious. Simultaneously failure comes to the people who allow themselves to become failure conscious. Napoleon Hill said

“think rich and grow rich”.

⁃ Practical dreamers never quit

⁃ Faith removes limitations

⁃ Poverty and riches are the product of thoughts.

⁃ Knowledge is potential power. It is effective when put to use through definite use and practical plans. It has no value unless something is gained through its application. Academic Degrees and qualifications alike merely represent miscellaneous learning. Kanye West said

“they tell you read this, read that and after you graduate you are still stupid”.

Causes of failure (partly based on Napoleon Hill’s study of the most successful folk in history).

1. Unfavourable hereditary background

2. Lack of sense purpose

3. Lack of ambition

4. Insufficient education.

5. self discipline is required to focus, if you can’t control yourself, you will find it hard to pursue your dreams.

6. Ill health

7. Unfavourable influences during childhood

8. Procrastination- do not wait for the right time for it will never be right. Start now and get perfect later

9. Lack of persistence- you might be a good starter but a poor finisher

10. Negative personality (pessimism)

11. Lack of control

12. Uncontrolled desire for something for nothing. For example gambling

13. Lack of well defined power of decision: indecision and procrastination

14. Fears, fear discourages, visit my earlier blogs.

15. Wrong better half- if the relationship is not harmonious failure is inevitable.

16. Over caution not willing to take risks, over cautiousness is just as bad as under cautiousness. For example it is hazardous to drive slow on a national speed limit zone just as bad as over speeding

17. Wrong selection of associates in business

18. Superstitiousness and Prejudice people who succeed are open minded and ain’t afraid of nothing

19. Wrong selection of a location- people will never succeed working in areas they hate. Were your heart is is where you will find your treasure.

20. Lack of concentration of effort. Jack of all trades master of none, more often than not detracts from building an empire. Narrow focus increases efficacy.

21. The habit of indiscriminate spending, done at random, spending without judgement, learn to work and save a certain percentage of your profits to sustain your business.

22. Lack of enthusiasm, without it you can not be motivated and convincing. Do what you love to do or else jump ship.

23. Intolerance- the person with a closed mind on any subject- not willing to learn can not gain any new knowledge or skill. Stay a student like the Great Martial Artist said I treat everyone I meet like my master so I can learn from them.

24. Temperance eg eating or any form of addiction to Biological imperatives, overindulgence could be a dire distraction.

25. Inability to cooperate with others. More often than not teamwork and working collaboratively is key to success.

26. Possession of power which wasn’t acquired through self effort- quick riches are more dangerous than poverty.

27. Intentional dishonesty there is no hope for a person who is dishonest by choice. Honesty and integrity is key to running a successful business.

28. Egotism and vanity. Particularly when ego becomes unteachable.

29. Guessing instead of thinking- preferring to work on opinions than hard facts.

30. finally Lack of capital

2 thoughts on “Success and Causes of failure

  1. Hi Max
    Enjoyed and agreed 100% with your words of wisdom.
    You are also a great person who has followed these precepts dispute personal adversity and I wish you success for your future.


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