Is ego really a bad thing?

Following my blog about Egotism & Pride coupled with further profound discussions and reflections. I found asking myself this question- Is ego a bad thing? Like pride there is good pride and bad pride. Bad pride is unteachable and undermines greatness hence the fall of Lucie (Lucifer). That said ego ain’t bad when kept under check and not overblown. It helps humanity to survive in an increasingly competitive world were folk with no ego are perceived as people with no personality, insipid or worse. Unbridled ego can cause immense damage not only to yourself but also to people around you.

As part of creation, I would like to argue that man was endowed with natural ego however it has the evil twin, Mr Selfish. Mr Selfish Will always be with us and the antidote is humility and meekness. It has always been the narrative of selfhood and a mechanism which helps us navigate our way in the world to survive and stay ahead of others.

We would not be phere if we didn’t have a sense of self or selfhood. It is what makes us who we are in relation to others and how we see ourselves as human beings.

We are spiritual beings in our essence. According to my faith before we was born in this life we was lounging in the ‘Pre-mortal life’ and without blemish. If we connect to this inner Presence of spirit, then and only then we detach from egotistic survival thinking and thoughts that make us superior or less significant than others. It is what it is even animals that have ego -the predators prey on on the weakest links with less ego. Similarly, though humans don’t literally eat other humans, they eat them financially in the glorified name of capitalism.

2 thoughts on “Is ego really a bad thing?

  1. Wow!, thank you very much for such inspirational and educational words.
    And I think the key solution to egotism is to have LOVE, when you have love, you are neither cold nor hot, you have the ability to understand that other people can, and what they can, you can’t ; what you can they can’t. Being the best in your area doesn’t imply you’re the best amongst the rest; probably you’re the last not the first; least not the most!!! we only need to understand that what makes you better is because there are others to compare with, so if you were alone in the world would you call yourself the best?, if so of who? The world need to understand and maintain the mutual relationship between the superior and the inferior.
    According to your writings and what I can see, ego is not actually a bad thing though but it is the root cause of bad things!!

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    1. I Agree Proficient, if we all love one another as as Jesus commanded, loving thy neighbour as we love ourselves, then and only then our egos will be controlled regardless of status. No matter what position or educational attainment there is always room to better oneself by learning from others wether superior or inferior. If a person was alone in the world, that person would be devoid of the the learning ability and the word best wouldn’t exist. Wether superior on inferior I’m of the opinion that we all add value to this world if we work in collaboration to achieve the elusive common good.


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