Egotism and Pride is a perfect form of imperfections

Egotism and Pride ain’t good for nobody, Ryan Holiday postulated that ego is the enemy in ego is the enemy

Ego leads a man to live in a world of his own imagination, since he believes he is always right, he becomes a menace to people who work under his direction

With ego you crave for validation, you will only see what’s going well not what isn’t.

With ego you endlessly pursue more.

Ego clouds the mind and deludes you.

Ego is the envy and corrosive, it undermines greatness and deludes people to think they are perfect. However ego is the devil and a perfect form of imperfections.

More often than not we harbour egotism and pride. C. S. Lewis warns that pride is ‘an anti God state’. According to religion Egotism and Pride can only be nullified by surrendering to the Lord or a higher being. Ok if you don’t believe at least learn from other people. As the great Martial Artist once said I treat everyone I meet like my master so that I can learn from them.

– If you harbour egotism and pride you thwart your growth. The martial artist Ken Shamrock stated that to effectively learn you need a Plus, Minus and Equal sparring partners.

  1. A Plus partner will be more experienced and can teach you a lot or learn from his invaluable experience. For instance I learnt a lot from my Maths teacher, Trevor Mapfuwa after he acquired his fantastic teaching skills in Cuba. I keep on alluding to Mathematics because it’s one of the subjects I was exceptionally good at before I sustained my brain injury. After the head injury sadly I now hate numbers and equations. With regards to a plus you can find a mentor to learn from like Junior doctors learn from senior doctors in general mentorship has always been of fostering young professionals in various disciplines. You need people to discuss your ideas and opinions with that’s were councillors come in handy. The other notable and straightforward way of gaining knowledge is through many ways like reading, listening to podcasts, asking questions and keep at it learning from work experience.

A Minus will give you a platform to apply what you have learnt. Teach and mentor someone. Before I sustained my brain injury I was good at Maths pointedly the high school days. The key to my prowess was helping as many fellow students as possible to solve their problems. I was willing to share my skills in areas that I knew best at that time. I listened to their questions with an itching desire to find ways to solve their problems.

– An Equal, continuing with my analogy of Maths, I had mates (man like Wilfred Sorofa and Ray Gwatidzo) who I considered to be on my level. Always challenging each other and to some extent subconsciously competing to lure mentees and admires. We would talk through various mathematical problems and how to find solutions. From them I also got invaluable feedback to improve myself.

It is morally imperative to kill Egotism and Pride, then and only they you can grow and improve.

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