Fear can be a beautiful thing for instant throughout my life I used the fear of failure to drive me to work hard to obtain desirable results. I call it edifying fear similarly Devine fear compels the saints to take righteous actions.

If viewed otherwise fear it is deleterious. If you want to be at the helm of your life you ought to change how you respond to fear. Silence fear in order to take control of your life and win the mental game.

⁃ change how you think have a growth mindset, self compassionate and focusing on positives not constant self deprecation. For instant tell yourself that no one is perfect (however aspire to be perfect), or I will try my best, or I’m going to do it for me. It’s more motivating to change if you have self self compasión for yourself, if things go not according to plan ask, what happened? Not what’s wrong with me?

⁃ over thinking things causes indecisiveness, overthinking is a restraint triggered by fear, the fear of failure, embarrassment, letting other people down, rejection and so on or anything that’s hard is going to trigger fear. self doubt plagues your thoughts and Overthinking things gives you a false perception of control in your life yet by taking action is the principal strategy of taking control of your life. Insidiously overthinking is the easiest and safest option to take. Action is physical commitment to something it’s movement and the only way to get to somewhere or achieve something is by taking action and owning it. When you own your story you it allows you to tell it in the way that empowers you. When you own your story you take away from other people and give yourself control. If you don’t take action the end result is the preoccupation by an obstacle than seeing the opportunity, some opportunities come once in a lifetime remember that so don’t miss your chance to blow as Eminem sings in Lose yourself. Don’t let fear stop you from becoming what you were born to be, be whatever you set out to be. Worrying too much causes you to miss out on so many opportunities in life, start now and get perfect later but perfection is elusive. When you worrying you are thinking about something which could go wrong in future and thwarting the present progress. Have a growth mindset. However it’s ok to experience fear but not to live in fear. With faith you have the guts over fear. To be continued

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