Headway Leeds: A Charity of Love

Headway Leeds, a beacon of hope.

For those who struggle to cope,

With physical challenges and strife

Giving them a chance at a better life

after sustaining brain injury.

Through mingling, social events indoors,

The trips opened the world’s doors.

People from all walks of life

Gather to fight chronic strife

after sustaining brain injury.

With newfound purpose and direction,

They find their soul’s true reflection.

Breaking barriers of isolation,

Uniting in a shared elation

after sustaining brain injury.

Headway Charities are heartbeats of love,

Offering a helping hand, a velvet glove.

Inspiring the will to live and thrive,

Fostering hope so we can survive

after sustaining brain injury.

We stand in awe of your work

O Headway Leeds, you never shirk,

Your duties to those with needs and meek.

Thank you for the joy you seek,

after sustaining brain injury

It’s better to have a great imagination than to be highly schooled

This kind of creativity should be fostered in primary schools as well as creative writing

Great imagination is better than to be highly Schooled. However the general consensus is that the highly schooled are better therefore assume the higher places of influence in this world. Meanwhile the world was built by great imaginations and continues to evolve for the better due in part to inventors and great engineers alike not the highly schooled people.
By and large many think that to be regarded as educated involves going to school to receive formal education, including attending institutions of further education to receive the highest degrees of learning even a PhD. This process is called schooling and those who achieve the highest degrees are well schooled. To be well schooled it’s a matter of having a good brain capable of memorising data.

Meanwhile the definition of education includes those who have acquired a certain amount of experience and having or showing cultivation. Therefore to be well educated doesn’t only mean a person who has gone under a rigorous process of schooling. A perfect example of someone who is well educated but never went to school is that of Jacob Zuma- the fourth President of South Africa. Despite having no formal education he became, to some extent, a successful president. History is full of such men who accomplished remarkable things despite having been schooled for instance Harrison Ford and many other college dropouts like Kanye West who built billion dollar empires.

Happy Mother’s Day

Your Grand Daughter

Dear Laiza, you are missed,
Your love and warmth will never diminish & never be dismissed.
Though time has passed since you’ve been gone,
Your memory and presence will always carry on.

A mother so kind and gentle,
Your love and care was always instrumental.
In raising a family with such love and grace,
Leaving a legacy that time cannot erase.
Your hard work & intelligence was unmatched.

Through the ups and downs, you stood strong,
Through the rain and pain you worked tirelessly in the fields that yields the grain.
With you everyday was a field day,
A guiding light that will forever belong.
In the hearts of those who loved you dear,
Your presence felt, even when you’re not here.

On this Mother’s Day, we honor you,
For all the love and joy that you imbued.
Although you may have left this earth,
Your memory and love will continue to give birth,
My sister got two daughters now, in them I see you.
My lil bro got a daughter now, in her I see you.

To a love that will never cease,
To a bond that will never outgrow and decrease.
For Laiza, you are missed and loved,
And forever will remain so, treasured and beloved.

Brain Damage

I have been through the struggle, constant hustle

Life been rough & tough, I’m feeling feeble

Brain damaged it’s hard to focus, no locus

My mind is a mess I can’t remember anything

Life is a battle rattled, I can’t remember anything

I’m fighting like lightning through the rain & pain

People stare & judge thinking I can’t handle it

But I’m the one who is still living, I’m the one who is still standing

I won’t let struggle define me

More than just a disability I’m

Keep grinding keep climbing & keep shining i will

Keep fighting me keep trying keep winning I will

I won’t let anything hold me down

Ain’t nothing can stop me from wearing the crown like King Charles

The Current Political Headlines, whatever will be will be in 2023.

One of the most pressing issues that was supposed to continue to dominate the political headlines in 2023 is climate change. As the world continues to grapple with the effects of global warming, governments and policymakers are facing increasing pressure to take action to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Including implementing policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, investing in renewable energy sources, and promoting sustainable development practices.

However ongoing political tensions between major powers namely: the United States, China, and Russia are the order of the day. These countries continue to compete for influence and resources, the rivalries and geopolitical tensions are escalating. Trade policies are changing, military buildups, and strategic alliances, and this could have significant implications for global stability and security.

The war in Ukraine and the rise of Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South African with China at the helm. The local currencies are touted to replace the US Dollar, on March 29 the Brazilian government acknowledged that they reached an agreement with China to trade in their own currencies ditching the US dollar as a common currency. This was inevitable, in the past many empires have risen to the pinnacle only to be superseded by yet another empire. Recently Europe with the Roman Empire at the top ruled the world before America (USA) in collaboration with NATO came to salience eventually becoming the mightier superpower. Now China is said to become the world leader with the aid of Brics.

One of the words on the street making the headlines across the world is about the indictment of Trump-the former president of America.

Another key political issue that should be making headlines in 2023 is economic inequality, polarisation in general. Despite economic growth in many parts of the world, income inequality remains a persistent problem, with many people struggling to make ends meet. This has fueled political movements focused on addressing wealth disparities and promoting greater economic justice, and these movements should continue to gain momentum now and in the near future. Ironically wealthier governments have money for wars but can’t feed the power as Tupac once said. Also governments seem to have the money to drive their agendas at all costs than seeking justice and helping the poor for instance the Biden- led government will go all out to see that the Donald is behind bars. Rather than prosecute him for stupid sexual offences they could have put him behind bars for compromising American democracy. The Stormy Danielles’ allegations are tenuous and lack credibility to warrant incarceration- all men have a natural man with an unquenchable sexual appetite save for for exceptions were a man is bound by certain beliefs. Men have always been adventurous with regards to sex throughout history.

In addition to these broader issues, there are likely to be a range of other political stories making headlines in 2023. These could include ongoing conflicts and humanitarian crises in regions such as the Middle East and Africa. Notably the Israeli–Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s most enduring conflicts and it continues unabated. I have already highlighted the Russia-Ukraine war. Also political upheavals and transitions in countries such as Venezuela, and efforts to address pressing social issues such as migration, gender equality, and racial justice.

Overall, the political landscape in April and the rest of the year 2023 is likely to be shaped by a range of complex and interrelated issues, reflecting the diverse challenges and opportunities facing countries and communities around the world. While it is impossible to predict the future with certainty, it is clear that political leaders and policymakers will need to work together to address these challenges and build a more just and sustainable world for all.

Leeds City Center Wheelchair Accessibility: The Dog House

Two pieces of solid wood boards were put together to assemble a ramp: It was sturdy and it worked

I’m a wheelchair user who regularly goes out to Leeds City Centre, in particular I enjoy the night life. As a disabled person I know where to go and if I go somewhere new I always always ask if the place is wheelchair accessible including the availability of a wheelchair accessible toilet. Recently I was invited to go to a bar called the Dog House, I didn’t think much about the access. If it’s not accessible they wouldn’t have invited me, I thought to myself. However people don’t tend to think about accessibility issues unless their relative or someone close to them is disabled. Shockingly when we got there that bar was small and it looked antediluvian and antiquated, on the entrance there was a slightly big step. To access it i needed a ramp.

There had no ramp however there was some pieces of solid wooden boards about. After putting two pieces together to make it wide enough I managed to drive into the bar. However inside there there was a further couple of steps to get to the tables. I was also told that the toilet is so tinyhttps://share.icloud.com/photos/0d8bJWmD-WotGOodxJ_ytRB0w. As soon as I saw the bar I didn’t expect it to accessible at all. Which is why I have my regular spots to go to.

Wheelchair accessibility is an essential aspect of modern society that provides mobility to people with disabilities. However, despite various laws and regulations (such as Disability Act, 1990; 1995; 2001; 2005; 2010 in the U.K.), wheelchair accessibility problems still exist in many towns and cities across the world, including Leeds, United Kingdom. Leeds, with a population of over 800,000, is the third-largest city in the United Kingdom, and its town centre is a popular shopping, dining, and leisure destination. Unfortunately, the wheelchair accessibility issues in Leeds’s town centre are extensive particularly in old buildings (by and large the pubs and restaurants out of the CBD and Popular Quarters) and need addressing to make the city more inclusive for people with disabilities. However a lot of improvements have been done in old buildings used as office spaces.

One of the main issues with wheelchair accessibility in Leeds’s town centre is the lack of adequate infrastructure. Many of the historic buildings in Leeds twilight zones are not wheelchair accessible due to their age and construction with the exception of a few popular old buildings like the Corn Exchange or the Leeds Art Gallery which have been more accessible to the public. While this may seem understandable, it is not an excuse for not making adjustments to improve accessibility all the old buildings. This issue is compounded by the lack of curb ramps and inadequate paths leading to many buildings, making it difficult for wheelchair users to access these buildings. However many significant improvements have been made with regards to transportation. By and large most buses are wheelchair accessible as well as the trains if the train is not accessible, last time I checked, the National Railways is obligated to hire a taxi for the disabled passenger.

Another issue that affects wheelchair accessibility in Leeds is the lack of awareness of accessibility needs by businesses and service providers. Some restaurants, cafes, and retail stores lack adequate floor space to allow wheelchair access. Furthermore, some businesses have narrow entranceways that make it difficult for wheelchair users to enter the premises. It is also worth noting that this lack of space and awareness of accessibility needs is not limited to businesses alone.

The lack of adequate wheelchair accessibility in Leeds’s town centre has adverse effects on the quality of life of people with disabilities. They struggle to navigate around the city, visit important places, and even access basic facilities such as a toilet in the twilight zones of the City.

The inadequate wheelchair accessibility in Leeds’s town centre not only affects people with disabilities but also has detrimental economic impacts on the city’s small independent businesses which often lack accessibility. For instance, shoppers with disabilities face numerous barriers when trying to access off-license shops. This prevents them from making purchases, which in turn affects the sales income of local businesses. Furthermore, the town centre’s lack of proper accessibility discourages tourists with disabilities.

In conclusion, the lack of adequate wheelchair accessibility in Leeds’s town centre is a significant issue affecting people with disabilities, local businesses and has negative economic implications. It is clear that more efforts need to be made to make Leeds’s town centre more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities particularly in the twilight zones. This can include making necessary infrastructure changes, such as building curb ramps and providing elevator access. Local businesses and service providers also need to be educated regarding accessibility needs and invest in making their premises accessible. Finally, there should be collaborations between governing bodies and disability rights organisations to develop accessibility standards and promote disability inclusion in the city’s planning and development. Achieving accessibility would bring tremendous benefits both to the residents of Leeds and the city’s economic growth, making it a more inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.


Twilight Zone: Where there is a mixture of old industrial housing, often terraces, and industry. These areas would have been constructed in the Industrial Revolution.

Life After Brain injury

The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa.

I sustained brain injury as a result of a car accident in 2002. As a result I suffered both temporary short term and long term memory loss. My left side of the brain which controls movement in my right- upper and lower limbs was permanently affected hence I use a wheelchair particularly when accessing outdoors. Thankfully I managed to start studying again in 2006 after recovering my speech and concentration, consequently I went to university for four years to study for a Masters degree in Town Planning. Though I good at Maths and sciences before the accident I hated now hated anything to do with numbers and formulas after the accident so I chose to do an Arts degree. It is noteworthy that a brain injury affects different people differently and for a detailed description of what happened to me I recommend people to visit my first ever blog.

Brain injury, whether it’s caused by trauma, disease or a medical condition, can have profound and long-lasting effects on a person’s cognitive, emotional and physical functioning. The brain is the control center of the body, and when it is damaged, it can affect a person’s ability to think, feel, and move. That said to me the brain is the most vital part of the human body.

The effects of brain injury can vary depending on the severity and location of the injury. Mild traumatic brain injury, also known as a concussion, can cause short-term effects such as headaches, dizziness, and confusion. However, moderate to severe brain injury can have more severe and long-lasting effects on a person’s life. Brain injury can also cause invisible disability, some examples include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), speech difficulties (no one can tell that I have on going speech problems which is why I write better than I talk), fatigue, headaches, migraines, cognitive impairments (it could be argued that I’m no longer as smart as I was before the accident despite having limited resources), light sensitivity, and memory problems.

Cognitive Effects:
One of the most common effects of brain injury is cognitive impairment. This can include difficulty with memory, attention, language, and executive functioning. Executive functioning refers to a person’s ability to plan, organize, and carry out tasks. Miraculously I was the Executive Secretary for my church ward from 2008 to 2011, with faith the impossible is possible also at that point my concentration had considerably improved. Brain injury can also affect a person’s ability to learn new information and retain it over time.

Emotional Effects:
Brain injury can also have a significant impact on a person’s emotional functioning. Depression, anxiety, and mood swings are common emotional effects of brain injury. Personally I used to be moody or emotionless due in part to constipation caused by the brain injury and spending a considerable amount of time on my own during weekdays when adults are working and kids are at school. Also the emotional changes can be caused by the physical changes in the brain or the psychological impact of the injury.

Physical Effects:
Brain injury can also cause a range of physical effects, including loss of coordination, weakness, and paralysis. These physical effects can make it difficult for a person to perform everyday tasks such as walking, dressing, and eating. In some cases, brain injury can also cause seizures- from end of 2002 to 2004 I experienced several seizures particularly whenever I got worried and seriously concerned or upset about something, which can be a lifelong condition. Myself I ain’t had any in 19 years.

Social Effects:
Brain injury can also have a significant impact on a person’s social life. I sustained my brain injury when I was a young dude transitioning from a teenager into adulthood, at that point in life many would will be enjoying their life to the fullest in particular making long or short term sexual relationships. Whereas I spent my teenage years alone and went to university hardly interacting with other students except for a handful of occasions hence I only made a few university friends. I enjoyed been alone and I still love my own company. As a result I also travelled across the world by myself in a wheelchair and had the best moments coupled with invaluable experiences. Changes in personality, behavior, and social skills can make it difficult for a person to maintain relationships and interact with others. Social isolation is a common problem for people with brain injury, which can lead to depression and other mental health issues. To avoid that if I’m not travelling I’m always out in town meeting new people making friends and acquaintances.

The treatment of brain injury depends on the severity and location of the injury. Mild brain injury may only require rest and time to heal, while more severe injuries may require surgery, medication, and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is an important part of the treatment process and can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and cognitive therapy. I was unconscious for 4weeks, couldn’t feel my legs for a further 2 months period and there after started all the therapy sessions. At first first I was in the Intensive Care Unit at Leeds General Infirmary then was transferred to Chapel Allerton Hospital for further rehabilitation. To improve cognitively I used to play chess against nurses.

Preventing brain injury is the best way to avoid the negative effects of brain injury. Wearing a helmet when participating in sports or riding a bike, wearing a seatbelt while driving, and avoiding alcohol and drugs can all help to prevent brain injury. Stroke, which is a leading cause of brain. However it’s hard to enforce safety measures when carrying out some activities such pole dancing which is one of the most dangerous profession or hobby, it can cause a brain Injury or worse. Recently I went to a Snoop Dogg Concert where I met a lady who told me that she looks after a lady who fell headlong pole dancing.

The lady I met before the Snoop Dogg Concert

Slipping Crutches and a peeling crotch

Skin peeling

Growing old as a disabled person

Contemplating about growing old as a disabled person is one of the hardest things ever. How long will i be able to live independently, I will never know. Living independently as a disabled person is exciting at the same time it’s subject to various accidents. I have slipped and fell on several occasions around my house, particularly in the shower.


I remember when I used to lie all day in my hospital bed except for seating up to have some food or to be wheeled to the Physio therapy room. During Physio session that’s when I would briefly be up on my feet trying to use various walking aids to find a suitable one for me. The zimmer frame is the one I tried first, lifting the frame each time I take a step was problematic because I hardly had the strength for that. I then tried the one with the wheels on the front legs however the frame was susceptible to rapid sudden movements. This is when my physiotherapist decided that the one without wheels was the safest and steadiest. However, I loathed it, I had only seen it being used by very old and frail folk. In the hospital ward for people who sustained brain injury, my bed was next to an old chap called Peter. He used to stay with a zimmer frame by his bed side, ironically he used walk fast with it, his limbs didn’t seem badly affected by the brain injury I thought at the time.

Conceive, believe and achieve

Recently I slipped in the shower and it was before I rinsed off the form from Head and Shoulders shampoo. To get off from the floor was a monumental task which took a lot out of me. When ever I want to achieve something, I conceive first and believe. That said what ever you conceive, believe you can achieve. This principle also works in everyday life if it’s completely an impossible task it will also be inconceivable.

As soon as I managed to be up on my feet. I didn’t wanna spend another minute let alone a sec in the bathroom. That said rinsing off the shampoo was far from my mind. Albeit most of the form had dried up. As a result I decided to wipe my face with a wet wipe. Afterwards I proceeded to put on fresh clothes without any worry or discomfort. I even went to town and came back feeling like everything was all good in general. The only worry that I had is that my face was feeling a bit tight like I had been given a facelift. It’s nothing to worry about, I thought. I had not used any moisturiser and i thought that was the reason my face was feeling like that.

The morning after the fall

The following morning I woke up feeling good and well rested. Straightaway I went the bathroom to take a shower. First I brushed my teeth then had a glance in the mirror. Horrifying the skin on my face was peeling of particularly around my beard. After taking off my boxer short i I realised that my crotch was even in a worse state. I was just grateful that I managed to rise up after my fall, if the skin peeling didn’t stop I was gonna be yet another MJ and was going to flog the concept to those losers who loath their dark skin.

Some of the fundamental principles in life: Never scam your nearest & dearest

You and I should be thankful that I’m alive not to wish otherwise.

1. never compete with or compare yourself to a “cripple” Regardless of making billions an abled homeless person, in general, would still feel sorry for the cripple because wealth can’t buy health- for instance while you can use money to buy medication you can’t use that money to buy better physical health.

2. Never feel self entitled to receive help particularly from a cripple, entitlement is a narcissistic trait.

3. Never reveal your hatred or jealousy of a ‘cripple’ its better to suppress your anemosity in your subconscious mind. It manifests lack of empathy, also the ill thought of someone is indelible.

5. Never scam your so called nearest and dearest particularly a “cripple”.

6. Never allude to faith when cursing the cripple. Faith does not work concurrently with negative traits like greed, jealousy, adultery and e.t.c.


Right now Zimbabwe and many African countries alike have the resources let alone Gold to make everyone a millionaire. However if everyone is a millionaire there will be no lack hence no economy in the nation which is equally as bad as poverty in a country. I know this is messing with your head right now. The word Economy is derived from the Greek word oikonomia which refers to the management of house needs-to make sure that nothing is lacking. If all the people in a nation become rich there would have no need to work hard to earn a living. For instance in Dubai and other Arabic countries alike, by and large all the Arabs citizens are rich or comfortable hence they depend so much on foreign labour from poor nations. Without that they would be in serious trouble. Now I hope you get were I’m coming from. In conclusion for the development of a thriving economy there has to be a certain degree of lacking in a Nation. Difference is what makes a nation. Get it?